Dorset Farmers Market







1. For the purpose of these rules Dorset Farmers’ Markets Ltd. defines ‘local’ as a 30-mile radius of a Dorset border. Only produce from within the defined local area may be sold at Dorset Farmers’ Market;


2. All produce sold must be grown, reared, caught, made or processed by the stallholder. The products must be prepared at the address registered with DFM.


3. Produce preparation, labelling, food information, weighing, packaging, display and handling must comply with local Environmental Health instruction and legislation and COVID-19 guidelines.


4. Processed goods must, where possible, contain at least 50% ingredients of local origin.

  1. The base product should be significantly altered to qualify for sale at the market.

  2. Receipts should be kept as proof of origin and may be requested by the market manager, Trading Standards or FARMA Representative.


5. Genetically modified products should not be used in the production of goods offered at market.






1. Producers must have a minimum of 10 million pounds Public, Product and Employee Liability Insurance. Anyone temporarily covering the stall will be classed as an employee.


2. Food businesses must be registered with local authority Environmental Health Department. 

Food Hygiene Ratings (if applicable) must be level 4 or 5.


3. Current food hygiene certificates (minimum level 2) must be held by all staff involved in food handling.


4. Where appropriate businesses must provide an Agricultural Holding number along with a brief animal welfare statement.


5. Businesses must provide a generic stall risk/health & safety assessment for attending a market.


6. Businesses must comply with Government COVID-19 guidelines


7. Members must be committed to avoiding single use packaging.


8. Members must have a current e-mail address for correspondence and have the capacity to make electronic bank transfers.


9. In order to qualify to trade at one-off events attended by Dorset Farmers' Markets as a 'group', Members must trade regularly at a minimum of one monthly farmers' market organised by DFM. 


10. Members are required to attend the DFM Annual General Meeting wherever possible.







1. Preference will be given to the most local producer when a space (for the product) becomes available so long as the required standards are met.


2. Producers may sell only their own produce. This must not be substandard.


3. The producer or someone directly involved in production will attend each market.


4. The business name must be clearly displayed.


5. Producers must comply with DFM COVID-19 safe working procedures.


6. If claiming organic or similar certification, a copy of the Certificate must be displayed.


7. Stallholders and stalls must be professional, clean, tidy and free from hazards. All rubbish must be removed at the end of the market. Hand washing, first aid and cleaning facilities must be provided if appropriate.


8. All equipment used must have the appropriate certification eg: electrical, gas appliances.


9. Smoking and vaping are prohibited by stallholders anywhere within sight of the market. Please ensure hands are cleansed before returning to the stall.


10. Stallholders are responsible for meeting their own labelling, handling, storage and food information standards whilst attending a market.


11. Stallholders must be ready for trading when the market opens and must wait until the market closes before packing down (even if you run out of produce.)


12. Anti-social behaviour will result in stallholders being instantly dismissed.


13. Any request made by the Market Manager in the running of a DFM market should be observed. The Market Managers reserve the right to exclude stallholders or products that are in breach of DFM membership criteria from that market.


14. Market Managers ensure a fair selection and balance of produce is available at each market. Please ensure that only produce stated on your approved application form is made available on the stall. New/revised applications may be submitted to the Board of Directors at any time should you wish to change the range.


15. All stallholders who park their vehicle within 9m of the DFM canopies do so at their own risk.  

It should be noted that space must be left clear around the canopies during set-up or pack-up so that any exceptional weather or other 'Acts of God' which may cause them to collapse will have minimal consequences. 


16. Should any stallholder fail to comply with the above criteria and conditions, the Board reserves the right to revoke the invitation to trade at Farmers’ Markets operated by Dorset Farmers’ Markets Ltd or impose warnings with clearly stated expectations.


17. Pitch fees are payable at each market. DFM are not liable for any costs other than refunding pitch fees should any market be cancelled due to circumstances outside of their control eg: weather.


18. The Market Manager’s decision is final. However, if you feel unfairly treated of have a complaint you may appeal to the Board of Directors via the Company Secretary. 










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