“At each market you get a different range of stalls. We have the traditional farmers, cheese makers, fish stalls, vegetarian food producers, bakers, fruit and veg, and, on top of that, we have a number of artisan craft producers. You can guarantee the person behind the stall will be the person who has farmed, made or created the product.

Meat Free Martha.jpg

Meat Free Martha

Good vegetarian and vegan food will be enjoyed by everyone and at meat free martha, we create tasty, colourful and interesting dishes that tickle even the meatiest of taste buds. Jammed with good, fresh, local ingredients each item is nutritionally balanced.  All produce is prepared and sold fresh at your local Dorset Farmer's Market.  It is all freezable and reheats straight from frozen to provide a quick home cooked meal whenever you need one.


Dorset Shellfish

From our pots to your plates!  The Crab and lobster is carefully processed by hand and made into award winning dressed crabs, crab cakes, pates and more.

The Story Pig Dorset Farmers Market

The Story Pig

James and Charlotte farm in the beautiful rolling hills of Dorset just outside the ancient market town of Sherborne. We’re passionate about Tamworths, their welfare, happiness and indeed their very existence.  As native breeds, Tamworths take much longer to mature than modern breeds used in commercial intensive farming but this slow growth has its advantages when it comes to its distinctive taste.  You can buy our Tamworth pork, artisan butchered at the Dorset Farmers Market in Sherborne and Bridport.  Tamworth’s don’t thrive in factory farming systems, so if you’re a regular supermarket shopper or buy from your local independent butcher you are unlikely to have ever tasted pork as good as ours. With a marbling of fat running through its meat and a generous outer layer of tasty fat, the Tamworth is revered by the nation’s top chefs who recognised its unique taste and quality – a taste of the past!

We believe in raising pigs to the highest ethical and animal welfare standards.
We believe that the happiest pigs produce the tastiest meat that our customers can have absolute confidence in.  We keep the distance from farm to customer as short as possible taking a long term sustainable approach in all that we do.

Saun Logo Dorset Farmers Market




James's Cheese

My passion for cheese began in 1988 when, aged 16, I secured a Saturday job in a well renowned cheesemongers and affineurs, called James’s of Beckenham.  The owner of the shop was James Aldridge.  When James sold the shop in 1989, I took a full-time position with the new owners and continued to work in the retail side of the business.

I left in 1990 and went to work for a cheese wholesaler in London, called Harvey & Brockless.  I stayed there for a year before being asked by James Aldridge to join him in the production of Tornegus which was, by now, a regular on most wholesalers and retailers stock lists.

During the years I worked with James, many other washed rind cheeses came and went; Maral, Golden Saye, Jacobstowe amongst others.  He selflessly made batches of cheese on a trial basis to help fellow cheesemakers develop recipes and improve their maturation knowledge.  James was a perfectionist and paid great attention to detail, he could walk into a maturing room and know exactly what treatment each cheese needed.  He taught me everything I know.  I worked alongside James until 2001, when sadly he died leaving his partner Patricia Robinson to continue the business.  I continued working with Pat until an opportunity arose at Daylesford Organic to become head cheesemaker in 2006.  At Daylesford I made their award winning cheddar and Penyston, and also developed several new cheeses including Adlestrop, Double and Single Gloucester, using the milk from their own herd of Gloucester cows.

In 2009, I was approached by Cranborne Chase Cheese and moved my family down to the beautiful Dorset countryside.  Since the decision was made to cease cheesemaking at Cranborne Chase Cheese, I decided to focus on my passion and concentrate on affinage, utilising the knowledge I have gained over the years, to develop my washed rind cheeses.  I have been working with Mike Smales and Paul Thomas at Lyburn Cheese and Alison French at Chalke Valley Cheese and together we have developed a new and exciting range of British washed rind cheeses.  These cheeses are made at Lyburn and Chalke Valley dairies and matured in my specialised washed rind maturing room in Child Okeford, Dorset.

My passion and experience has been rewarded in recent years by being selected to judge at the World Cheese Awards and the British Cheese Awards.

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Dorset Wildlife Trust

Dorset Wildlife Trust protects Dorset's wildlife and wild places. Together with our 28,000 members, our volunteers and supporters, we are Dorset's largest nature conservation charity. We work to champion wildlife and natural places on our 42 nature reserves nad through our work with others.

Oxfords Bakery

Oxfords Bakery

Oxfords Bakery was established by Frank Oxford in 1911 at Alweston, near Sherborne in Dorset. Continuing the family business now in its fourth generation is Steven Oxford.  Oxfords Bakery has to be Dorset’s most prominent baking business, with visitors from all over the UK travelling to learn the art of bread making and see the wonderful Victorian bakery for themselves.  There are several shops across Dorset, including Sherborne, Sturminster Newton, Dorchester and a beautiful delicatessen in the lovely village of Canford Cliffs.  In addition to this , a new and exciting farm shop/museum cafe concept opened at the bakery, allowing capacity for more people to benefit from experiencing one of the last true ‘original’ artisan bakeries left in the country.
Well known for their amazing lunch range, including quiche, salads and truly delicious sandwiches, freshly made to order. A huge Vegan range is also available.  As well as all the usual sourdough, Lardy cakes and beautiful doughnuts, the bakery also prides itself on it’s transparency, with absolutely no ‘concentrates’  or additives incorporated into any of their breads. I challenge you to find another bakery in the county that can genuinely say that.
Find out about Oxford’s on any of their social media platforms, or better still, pay them a visit when you are close by.

Mere Trout

 Mere Trout

Fresh trout, hot smoked trout, cold smoked trout, trout terrine.  Hatched, reared, smoked & packed on the farm.

felt image.JPG

Feltham's Farm

We make the award-winning Renegade Monk - a soft, blue, organic cow's milk cheese, drunkenly washed in ale. 

This is a grown-up cheese for connoisseurs, creamy and pungent and reminiscent of Epoisses.

Angel Cottage Organics

Angel Cottage Organics

WINNER! Best Poultry at the 2017 Soil Association Organic Market Awards!
We set up Angel Cottage Organics at Angel Cottage Farm in South Wiltshire in 2004. The success of our award winning chicken, our lamb and pork meant we soon grew out of our very small smallholding! In 2012 we moved Angel Cottage Organics to Haddon Copse Farm in the heart of Dorset’s Blackmore Vale. Our 30 acres of land is certified organic by the Soil Association, the largest and most stringent governing body for organic farming in the country.
We farm chickens for meat and eggs; a flock of Dorset Down sheep, chosen for their temperament, local character and quality of meat; traditional Oxford Sandy & Black pigs, Ruby Red Devon cattle and both turkeys and geese for the Christmas table.
Careful management of our environment is at the heart of everything we do: our animals enjoy the highest possible standards of care; we manage our hedgerows and pastures in ways which benefit wildlife; we are working hard to ensure that the fertility of our soil provides lush, nutrient rich grass on which our animals will thrive and we carefully restoring the pond which lies in the copse after which the farm is named.
We believe passionately in making the most of all that our farm offers and so as well as our delicious meat, we also sell beautiful lamb skin rugs and an original range of our own wool blankets and throws. During the winter of 2013 we planted over two acres of organic apple orchards which will, in time, allow us to press delicious juice, as well as making a home for our first bee hives and providing an ideal environment for our chickens.
We are delighted that the quality of our produce has been recognised with awards from Taste of the West, Great Taste and Taste of Dorset where we won Best Food Producer, Best Food Business and an award for Innovation in 2014.

Ma Bolton Logo

Ma Bolton

Ma Bolton started making gluten free and dairy free foods about 9 years ago. My children at that time were intolerant of dairy and I found myself unable to tolerate wheat. The free from food available to purchase was bland and unappetising, as a total foodie my enjoyment in food had been taken away. Experimentation began, friends and work collegues became my taster and guinea pigs. The feedback was positive and I was encouraged to bake for others.  I love taking good quality fresh ingredients and turning them into something you want to sing through. If I can make them a healthier version of the original but maintain good flavour then I am a happy woman. Most of my cakes contain various vegetables and people are suprised to find they do not contain butter, oil or margarine but remain moist and tasty.
Gluten free food should be great, a 'flavour adventure' not something you should settle for as a poor substitute.

Fussells Fine Food

Fussells Fine Food

Hi, I'm Andy...and here are a few things you might like to know about me and my single cold pressed extra virgin oil.
My family have been farming here in Somerset for generations and I’m a passionate hands on farmer, one who believes in the value of good British food which is why I decided to set up the Fussels Fine Food Company in 2005. Now I can share the fruits of my labour directly with you.
I believe in the joys and benefits of high quality simple food ingredients, the positive benefits of sustainable farming, and in helping people to connect with them, which is why I created my single cold pressed extra virgin oil. From sowing to cold pressing and bottling, I oversee everything here on the farm.
This is an amazing product that is a real alternative to olive oil and it comes from right here! It has 10 x the essential fatty acid Omega 3 versus olive oil, a terrific balance of Omegas 3 and 6, half the saturated fat of olive oil, it’s high in monounsaturated fats and is an excellent source of vitamin E. Oh yes, and it cooks to a higher temperature than olive oil, making it a much more versatile oil choice. From dressings to frying and roasting, Fussels single cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil will give you fantastic results.
I also make a fantastic range of dressings, mayonnaises, flavoured oils, sauce, vinaigrettes and gift boxes, and to find out more just click here and you can easily also buy them with a click or two.
Thank you for visiting my website and I know that you will enjoy using my single cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil and the rest of the range, and that you will soon be an official Friend of Fussels Fine Foods….


Kimbers Farm Shop

Paul and Ruth Kimber have been farming since 1973, carrying on the family tradition at Charlton Musgrove in the lush pastures of the Blackmore Vale under the shadow of Alfred's Tower, where the Kimber's have farmed for 300 years.
Our children take a practical interest in the farm. Tom, who has a degree in Agriculture from Reading, and Danj, our son-in-law, work full time on the farm. Our daughters, Naomi, Bex, Jess, Hannah & Frances, together with our daughter-in-law Jennifer, also help out from time to time on the farm in the shop and at Farmers Markets.
Having a mixed stock farm we have become experts in animal husbandry, welfare being our top priority. Quality is maintained by using wholesome animal feed including home grown wheat, maize/grass silage and meadow hay - all used during the winter months. The cattle graze in the summer with special formulated rations for finishing, without the use of growth promoters. The same policy is used for all other livestock.
We are responsible traditional farmers, using fertilisers and herbicides only according to need. Our animals are treated when necessary. We enjoy the services of expert agronomists, veterinarians, and feed specialists. Our farm is independently inspected.

May Cottage Goat Milk Soap

May Cottage Goat Milk Soap

I live in the Dorset countryside not too far from the sea, with my family, goats, horses, dogs, chickens and cats. The goats have a paddock and stables next to the cottage and a field across the lane.
I milk the girls twice daily, something I never tire of. It may be cold, I may be tired, but I always enjoy milking. The goat shed is a calm and tranquil place to be, the girls seem to enjoy the routine and know when it is their turn to be milked, I don’t need to use collars or tie them up. The cats sit beneath the milking stand waiting for their drop of milk!
I use the milk to make my soap and the surplus is sold to a pet food shop as it is excellent for rearing puppies and kittens (and ferrets!)
At present we cannot produce enough milk to satisfy demand. Each year two or three of the girls have kids, always an exciting time, so my small herd expands a little. My aim is to breed quality goats who can look forward to a good future.
I never use any chemicals on their grazing or hay. I do use homeopathy and an abundance of herbs in their diet, keeping the goats healthy and able to provide plenty of rich creamy milk.
The girls travel to shows and milking competitions to promote the Maycottage name, and have also enjoyed celebrity status at local schools “Heidi” mornings!
I’ve been handmaking my goatsmilk soap for some years and it’s very much enjoyed by all who use it, particularly those with sensitive skins. 
My soap has no chemical additives, artificial fragrances or colours. It has not been tested on animals and the recipe has been checked by a registered chemist and given a safety certificate.
I’m proud to have created the May Cottage Goat Milk Soap brand as a small honest independent business, hand-making quality products from ethically sourced natural ingredients to sell at affordable prices. The added bonus is that everyday, I get to do a job I love!

West Country Water Buffalo Dorset Farmers Market

West Country Water Buffalo

Lower Oakley Farm near the village of Chilthorne Domer, between Yeovil and Ilchester, is home to a herd of 250 water buffalo.  These gentle giants, descended from Asian Water Buffalo, produce flavoursome meat.  Recent studies suggesting health benefits can be found here.  A full range of products is available such as fillet, sirloin and rump steaks, topside and silverside, braising steak and delicious peppered steaks.
Buy from farmers' markets at Poundbury & Sherborne or call into the farm shop and see the buffalo for yourself.

Olives & Things Dorset Farmers Market

Olives & Things

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Alweston Jam Dorset Farmers Market

Alweston Jam & Chutney Empire

My name is Susan Young and I am the creator of the Alweston Jam and Chutney Empire.
I specialise in putting together the finest of ingredients with the ambition of providing the best range of jams, marmalades curds  and chutneys in the southwest.
I have always loved cooking and have progressed from supplying take away sandwiches and lunches in the heat of Greece to bringing my delicious preserve recipes to your west country tables.
Its been a few years since 'Breadwinners' served the best coronation chicken sandwich in Corfu Town and my pies and cheesecake were eaten in the bars and cafes out in resort..ahh those were the days, that squeaky moped! The spirit lives on and my recipe for 'Cucumber & Cherry Chutney' travelled back with me and still adorns the nicest ham sandwiches I make here at home in Dorset.

Berryhill Farm

Berryhill Farm

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Acres Down Farm Shop

Acres Down Farm Shop

Acres Down Farm Shop was established in 1978 as a gate side cart; selling a few eggs, sacked potatoes, plants and meat from the farm gate. It has evolved and grown over the years, now the Shop, is set in the old barn & cow shed, which was recently refurbished in 2010, by Annie’s daughter and husband.

The farm shop stocks a wide range of fresh farm foods, including the livestock we rear. 

  • Home grown beef, pork & lamb

  • Speciality sausages and burgers

  • Our own free range eggs

  • Fresh baked bread

  • Seasonal home grown vegetables & fruit

Our shop is also a culinary treasure trove; stocked full of many great local and regional foods, some products discovered / recommended by our customers, others that we have taken great delight in hunting out ourselves!! 
 We have been farming for many years and that’s what it’s all about.......BRITISH FARMING!


The Barley Sugar Bakehouse

The Barley Sugar Bakehouse

We produce high quality cakes, puddings and desserts, using ingredients from the best suppliers from Devon, Dorset and Somerset (it just makes our stuff taste yummy). 

We make everything from scratch with no added nasties. 
You can find us at Somerset, Dorset and Devon farmers markets throughout the year, plus find us at seasonal shows, fairs and events around the south west region.

Bridge Farm Cider Dorset Farmers Market

Bridge Farm Cider

At Bridge farm we take pride in producing award winning ciders from the finest traditional orchards across South Somerset and Dorset. We will only use traditional cider apples from local orchards, all within a tractor journey from the farm. Our ciders are crafted using traditional methods reflecting the heritage of traditional farmhouse ciders with a modern artisanal twist.

Buckshaw Milk Sheep Dorset Farmers Market

Buckshaw Milk Sheep

Delicious cheese from ewe's milk from Dorset a very rural location in North West Dorset. Our cheese is all hand made on site and has a distinctive all thanks to the Dorset pasture.

Church Farm Flowers Dorset Farmers Market

Church Farm Flowers

Winsham, Somerset.

Ellises Farm Dorset Farmers Market

Ellises Farm

We produce mouth watering Gloucester old spot pork, sausages, dry cured nitrate free bacon and gammon, artisan salamis, chorizo and air dried hams and cured meats from our Gloucester old spot pigs on the Blackdown hills area of outstanding natural beauty here in Devon. Produced and cured in an original old fashioned method. We speicalise in nitrate, additive and preservative free products.
What makes our pork taste so good is that our traditional rare breed Gloucester old spot pigs born here on the farm spend all of thier lives outdoors rooting around under the oak trees developing a truly unforgetable flavour and delicous crackling. All our pigs are fed G.M. free feeds, which do not contain growth promoters or unnatural additives and are raised to the highest welfare standards. 
The meat is hung for a week to ensure the best flavour and then is butchered here on the farm in our on farm butchery. Our Gloucester old spot sausages and cured meats are produced without preservatives, nitrates or additives.
"probably the best pork you've ever tasted"

Godshill Orchard Dorset Farmers Market

Godshill Orchards

Godshill Orchards grow fruit  with love on the southern slopes of the Isle of Wight. All our fruit is handpicked to bring you only the very best produce.

 We grow a selection of Cherries, Apricots, Green Guages and Plums. 

 Fresh fruit is available from mid June through to August.

Simply Cooking Dorset Farmers Market

Simply Cooking

Lovingly Home Made Cakes, ready meals & desserts.

Lizzie Baking Bird Dorset Farmers Market

The Baking Bird

I used to plague my mother’s baking days by “helping”.  The over-kneaded grey pastry jam tarts were always a favourite.  My best ever memory of true baking success was when I was about 3 or 4 years old & I made fairy cakes with my long suffering Mum. My Dad came home from work & I was so excited … Dad took a bite & rolled on his back with his arms & legs in the air to play dead – I just KNEW he loved them.

Winterbourne Game Dorset Farmers Market

Winterborne Game

Family Suppliers of all types of Wild Game to the Trade & Public.  We are able to supply all your catering needs for functions, be it a wedding, birthday party, or gathering of family and friends.  Please contact us to discuss your function catering needs.

We have a full range of butchered meats: including venison, wild boar, pheasant, partridge, rabbit, hare, pigeon, as well as wild boar, venison and pheasant sausages and burgers.

Wootton Organic Dairy Dorset Farmers Market

Wootton Organic Dairy

For over 50 years, the Bartlett family has been farming at Sunnyside, a small, traditional farm, nestled in a lush valley in North Wootton, Somerset. Certified organic since 1999, two brothers James and Dave Bartlett have ensured their small meadows remain as rich with hedgerows and native meadow grasses as they ever were supporting a wide variety of wildlife. This gives a special depth of flavour to the award winning artisan unpasteurised cheeses, hand-made on the farm from organic Friesland sheep and Jersey cows' milk.
We asked James and Dave to tell us a bit more about what makes their cheese so special: “All our milk is made into cheese or yoghurt in our own farmhouse dairy. We have expanded our milking flock to around 200 ewes and 9 Jersey cows. Since 2007 Barbara, our dedicated cheese maker, has helped us to win a number of high profile cheese awards. Sheep milk is a good alternative for people with an intolerance to cows' milk containing up to twice as many minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and zinc. Despite being higher in butter fats, sheep milk is better for cholesterol as they are the healthier fats.” All of their cheeses are hand-made, organic, unpasteurised, and suitable for vegetarians. All products have a three week shelf life from the date of dispatch.

Sopley Salads Dorset Famers Market

Sopley Salads

Sopley Salads has a wonderful range of seasonal vegetables as well as plants. These include Wallflowers plants, sweet Williams plants, sweet Williams bunched flowers. Asparagus, beetroot, broad beans, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, courgette, Marrow greens bag, Hispi cabbage, lettuce, purple broccoli, purple sprouting broccoli, rhubarb, spring onions, runner beans, butternut squash, celeriac, celery, chard, Cavolonero, radish, parsnip, sprouts, swede, lee.

Sopley Farm Dorset Farmers Market

Sopley Farm

Sopley Farm grow nearly 20 different fruits and vegetables, they offer a pick your own service and sell other produce in their Farm shop.

Raindrop Flowers Dorset Famers Market

Raindrop Flowers

Welcome to our cutting garden in South Somerset, growing and arranging British seasonal flowers for customers in the Yeovil, Crewkerne and Sherborne area. A passion for growing and acquisition of some land a few years ago led to my floristry qualification and the formation of raindrop flowers. Our aim is to bring naturally grown flowers with good vase life, scent and colour to customers who place value on super fresh flowers with the bonus of no air miles.

Pondhead Famshop Dorset Farmers Market

Pondhead Farmshop

Raising New Dorset Beef, Panage Pork & Venison since 1936.